Friday, March 6, 2015

Take time to make time

Why is time always such a big deal?......I often hear people complaining they don't have time to care for their trees.  Or as an excuse to shortcut a task and perform it incorrectly.  We've all done both. This post is to encourage you to make time and to take your time.  I'm up this morning before work..daily at 4:30am most days.  But specifically today to remove wire from this nice old Black pine.  It's taking an hour per branch.  Why you ask?!  Because someone wired it quickly and carelessly years ago. Take the time now or spend it later.   As time goes on, it grows in value.  Spend it wisely now or pay the price for it later.  Another time related discipline I try to observe is to work only necessary tasks and then for the higher quality trees first, and work my way down the ladder so to speak.  Subject for another day. 

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