Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year & Welcome Back

Those of you that maintain blogs will understand when I say that it takes some discipline & a little effort to stay current.  I have not been very disciplined to say the least!  To those of you that have followed me, please accept my apologies for my negligent blogging.   

While negligent in my posting, I have been working very hard to improve my skills & build my collection in both number of trees and quality level.

I won't get into "why & how" I became involved with bonsai here. Bonsai provides a literally endless pursuit of excellence, learning, "artisan-ship" & a very unique opportunity to connect with nature in an extremely personal & inspiring way.

A quick Introduction
I've been active in bonsai for approximately 7 years.   For the past 6 years I have studied & worked diligently at Keade Bonsai-En under the direction of my good friend Matt Ouwinga.  Matt is widely considered one of the top bonsai professionals in the US and very likely the paramount expert in Trident Maple culture.  Many people are unaware that Matt also maintains a very sizable collection of specimen quality shohin conifers as well a few flowering and fruiting varieties.  Also found at Kaede Bonsai is very likely one of the best & largest collections of antique Japanese bonsai pottery in the US.

Below are a just a few of my trees pulled randomly from winter storage today for photos. For a close up of the photos just click the picture.

Thanks for looking & please stop back often!

Japanese Black Pine's

A Powerful Little Shohin Trident Maple

One of my oldest winged elms...Ulmus Alata  The absolute best deciduous native species in the my opinion.

Our "Family Tree"  Bougainvillea Glabra after defoliating last year  (Best in show Mid America Exhibiiton 2011, 3rd place Professional Division Mid America Exhibition 2012, Exhibited 3rd Nat'l Exhibition).


Last but especially not least, a photo of one of my ume in bloom.

It takes time to "put one's finger print" on a tree.  When you do, it elevates (hopefully) the tree in both uniqueness of character & in quality.  I hope you enjoy what I'll share with you as I continue to post.

Check the list of links to the right, as I will be offering select items for sale from time to time.